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Greetings, I'm ShockDingo. I've been a voice actor for 13 years and been in several productions here and in other places on the net. If you need a voice for your project then I'm your man...a mechanical Dingo mask wearing man, but still a man.

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Shock-Dingo's News

Posted by Shock-Dingo - August 27th, 2018

Just a small update, my Street Fight V analysis video, G & Q: The Golden Question is nearing 30,000 views!

  In other news, there's an exciting update to a game I was in recently, Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe is coming out!  


Support for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam!

  • A brand new character, the Undead, all charming, Ziggy!

  • Local split-screen multiplayer

  • Survival Mode!

  • Free Play Mode!

  • A nifty gallery for your viewing pleasure!

  • A variety of improvements including bug fixes, colour blind mode, and more!


    You can read more about what's new with me by checking out my homepage:

    Electric Voicebox Media


    Cheers and I'll see you all the next time!



    Posted by Shock-Dingo - July 8th, 2018

    Hey  everyone, it's your old buddy DockShingo!...wait...that's not right..ah, ShockDingo!

    Man, it's been a long time since I've been around. I've popped in here and there to check out some of the amazing projects and evolving look to the site.


    I've really missed this place. Why the long radio silence? Well, I've had some highs and lows for a while. I reached some new milestones in my life, tried to jump into a new field of work, that didn't work, kinda hit some rough patches, then things turned around, but at the cost of some free time.


    I'm still voice acting and have collaborated with some NG artists and some new clients and it's been pretty nice, it's given me a hunger for the old days.  I've also been working on creating my own content, some of it has been released and some of it is in a perpetual state of limbo because I'm kind of a perfectionist, but getting better at managing my time and finding ways to fight creative blocks. I really hope to post some stuff at NG someday and contribute more than just voice work.


    Some of my latest projects are related to Capcom fighting or beat 'em up games.  It's no secret I've been obsessed with Street Fighter. (I still have fond memories of the Street Fighter collab and treasure the minor role I had to play in it) I combined that love, my love of a good mystery and looked at the latest new character for Street Fighter V, the mysterious G. He seems to have a connection to my favourite SF 3rd strike character, Q, so I spent way too much time looking at every detail I could and found some similarities and differences for the duo. If you want to go down the rabbit hole, take a look below!


    Another Capcom related video was based on Capcom's ignored son...no not Mega Man, the good, pose-filled Captain Commando!  I mocked up a concept intro for a sequel that will never come.  I'm really proud of how it came together and was fueled for the potential of him being in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, buuut that's a story for another day.  I really dig the character and feel he has a lot of potential, here's hoping someday!  (I really wanted to upload this to NG, but I can't remember how the policy on sprite movies has changed since I was last here).


    In the time I've been gone, I've seen places like Youtube change and it's...well not the most friendly place for content creators these days.  It's really solidified my view that NG has and will continue to be a home for truly great creative content without compromise.  There's a weird issue I've noticed though.  I've brought up Newgrounds to friends and colleagues, and they've heard of NG, loved it and visited it in years past, but for some reason so many people are surprised that it's still around.  I think that's a shame and I really want to get the word out.


    Anyways, that's enough blabbing for now.  I'm back and I can't wait to drink in all that I missed. I hope to work with some of you!  I don't have as much free time as I did in the past, but I'd love to collaborate again!


    Here's to NG! Cheers!


    Posted by Shock-Dingo - March 5th, 2015

    This week, (specifically yesterday) marks the 10th year since I first picked up a mic and started to seriously pursue voice acting.

    It started back when Rina-Chan had the first and original Voice Acting Club thread on the Newgrounds forum. I was in highschool on break and after I tried applying for a failed voice acting project on another forum weeks earlier, I did a google search which lead me back to Newgrounds (I had been away for a few years) and I signed up that afternoon.

    From then on, I got a chance to meet and collaborate with a variety of authors and other voice actors from Newgrounds and eventually other places online. I've been happy, been blessed, and hope to keep going forward and learning! Here's to the future!

    Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 26th, 2015

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if you're all familiar with Hyper Dragonball Z made by Team Z2, but check out the latest progress video featuring Freeza (voiced by me) fighting Majin Vegeta (voiced by RicePirate). You'll be glad you did.

    Watch this space for more!


    Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 14th, 2015

    Hey everyone! February's got several new offerings!

    First up is the newest entry in HadoukenDude's 4 Swords Misadventure series! Stop by, collect some medals and hear me as the cranky and the impossible-to-understand Oshus!

    Need a pickme up after that adventure full of questing? Grab a glass, pour some Tequila and bash in some Zombie skulls in IriySoft's Tequila Zombies 3! I'm Jeff, the charming President of Los Lobos MC!

    Waking up after a bender from blazing brutal Zombie Bashing? Well matey, you may need to slowly build yourself up and build up your knowledge with FlashChaz and Danish Goel's latest game, Age of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls!

    Have fun folks!

    Posted by Shock-Dingo - January 12th, 2015

    Hey everyone, how's the new year been treating you all?

    2014 had some ups and downs and several fun projects, but I'm hoping that 2015 will be a very productive year. I want to work on more projects, release more things and really plug in with the community. I also think I'll point to updates on Newgrounds and off of it, just to let you guys know I'm still doing stuff.

    If you want to see more of what I'm about, check out my main Youtube Page, or my Blogger home page.

    Until next time everyone!

    Posted by Shock-Dingo - November 22nd, 2014

    Greetings once again Newgrounds! I've got a newly released project to announce. If you haven't already checked it out, Bobby Da Arrow is up in the Games Portal.  I teamed up with the talanted and friendly duo of Danish Goel and FlashChaz once again (seriously love these guys) to bring you all a voiced final product. I'm really proud of this!

    Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Posted by Shock-Dingo - October 7th, 2014

    Heya folks,

    How's it going? Still alive, just haven't been active on Newgrounds as of late. I've been keeping busy and having adventures in voice acting across the net (and even on some iOS devices).

    I recently updated my website, which should cover all the main goings and comings and activities inside and outside of newgrounds. You can find the link here:


    I also recently reteamed with SkyGoblin games  to work on chapter 2 of The Journey Down. It's available now on Steam and various devices!

    I'll catch you all later! Enjoy the October festivities!

    Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 14th, 2014

    Hey guys, I've started a bit of a reflection series on my Tumblr page. I call it Electrifying Entries (zounds... I cannot stay away from Electricity themes can I?)

    Since Once Upon a Life just came out, I started my first entry with a reflection on the game.

    I don't have a set schedule on when I'll be updating these, but they'll be rather frequent and give some more insight on why I made the acting choices I did.  If that type of thing interests you, head on over! :)

    Until next time!

    Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 6th, 2014

    Hey everyone, how's it going?

    It's only a few days into February, but I've got a bit of news to share.

    FlashChaz has released a new game: Once Upon a Life. A fun journey inwhich you accompany an old fellow who's on one last adventure in the twlight of his years. Take Harry and his Rocket Powered Walker and blast through the craziness to reclaim something dear to his heart. You can hear me as all the voices in the game, I hope you all enjoy!

    Up next, I just recently released my 2014 Character Voice demo. I have to give a ton of thanks to D-Mac and Antfish for their guidance on the assembly and production of this. I think it paid off don't you think? I feel this particular demo better showcases my range and is better organized in comparison to my past efforts.


    Take care everyone and see you later!