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Latest Street Fighter vid, Coppa and more

Posted by Shock-Dingo - November 21st, 2019

Greetings everyone, how are you all doing? I'm still alive and as usual I've been busy, busy busy!

First off, I just released my newest Street Fighter analysis video: G & Q: Fool's Gold!

This is a follow up to my video from last year, G & Q: The Golden Question. Last year's video was a pre-release analysis of Street Fighter's Punching President, G. This time around, I'm looking back at my points - was I on the money? Was I totally wrong? Take a look and see!

Another thing is that with his character story, I analyzed his connection to Rose and just what his assigned tarot card means for his character. I hope you enjoy this video, I put a lot of work into it and think it will interest even people with a passing interest in Street Fighter 5 and their breakout Abraham Lincoln wanna-be.

Speaking of videos, I want to address something.  I tend to post my videos on Youtube. I've been a member of Newgrounds since 2004 and was visiting before I formally made a membership here.  All of my past contributions have been voice acting related, mostly for animations and games as part of another creator’s work. I would sometimes submit things of my own by way of demos and fun test audio. but I do hope to change that soon and post more of my own content here.

One of the reasons I don't post videos like the Street Fighter ones was initially, I did my videos in a non-flash format, but also, I was afraid that analysis vids theme wouldn't fit on Newgrounds and it would be blammed, I ‘m going to try and take a chance soon and see what results are garnered from posting such vids here, but I am also developing a series that I was intending to post on NG as well.

I really want to interact more with Newgrounders and spend time here since NG is where I got my roots and it's still a fun place to hang around. I've mostly been watching and reviewing things, but I think it's hightime that I participate more.

Youtube was at a time, a stable alternate avenue for content creators, but as time goes on, the whole system becomes more and more unstable and fraught with problems. The newest problem is tied to COPPA - The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act from the FTC. It is basically stating that if a YouTuber's content is marketed towards kids or is deemed to be targeting kids and the content is seen as inappropriate, then users can be fined up to $42k! What makes this an issue is they're handing things over to their AI to undertake this measure... the same inaccurate AI that has resulted in so many demonetizing headaches and false content claim drama.

People are afraid due to the vague language used in the YouTube info packet, they fear that things like Pokemon spoofs or anything parodying cartoons may fall in the cross-hairs of this new YT scrutiny. For now, I'm taking a wait and see approach, but I want to be prepared and, like I said, I've neglected this site for too long, I want to participate in NG more that I have means of being more than a voice actor.

Here's hoping for more people to return or newly arrive at NG. This place has always been great and it'll stand the test of time. Whether YouTube gets it together or not, I want NG to continue to flourish and be a great and stable place for content creators to flourish.

I'm slowly going to try and upload old video content here and see if you all like it. Cheers and all the best!