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Quick, wacky, and you used the classic Re1 Box Art Chris, funny stuff!

I always love your animations, so it's no surprise that this turned out so good. I don't mind the wait at all, the quality demands it.

-Excellent animation all around, but I'm loving how dynamic the opening battle's chaos raged!

-It all just looks so good, I mean the staging, posing, aperture, hud designs, visual gags, like dang dude, you really have an eye for quality.

-The great voice acting and character development. I thought this was gonna be just some good ol fun, but I got that AND saw a real developing show here. I'm liking where this is going and wish you well on further development of the series. I really feel this is a keeper and is a level above your past work. I can see this going for quite a long time and continuously growing and evolving into a layered comedic, action bonanza. Cheers Harry, you and everyone involved did fantastic!

Lively, energetic and stylish. I love it all dude, the choice of colours, the animation smears, the recreation of the SF3 lifebars, it all makes more a eyecatching intro. Cheers dude!

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Awesome job

Wow dude, I just got a chance to play this and I love it, sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I really want to say congratulations on everything man! I'm really happy for you! It's hard to top what others said, but I'll let you know my thoughts. :) The art is crisp, clean, and clear; it really adds to the overall happy atmosphere. As others had mentioned about the AI it's great: it starts off simple so as to get a feel for beginners, but then it steadily increases without it becoming an onslaught. The controls were also very responsive. You, Erica and everyone else did an excellent job! I was honored to be part of this. All the best with the future man, and once again congratulations!

WarpZone responds:

Hey Shock-Dingo! :D Glad you could make it. You and Erica were both awesome to work with, and I'm glad you had a good time. :)

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This is stirring and cinematic. I've loved this ever since I saw RicePirate's Infinity Blad. I was feeling nostalgic so I came over to listen. Excellent work!

Brilliant job! Absolutely brilliant. The way that the SF3 theme flows into the SF2 animated theme is fantastic. I really dig this mix. Great job!

deliverance84 responds:

Massive thanks man :) Finally, someone recognises the animated movie part.

Very smooth! I'd love to hear something like this if Necro makes it into SF5. Keep up the good work!

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Really cool character designs dude, I'm liking the use of colours and stylization! They're all so varied!

That...is amazing and oh so terrifying! I love just how goopy you made him look. I picture everything constantly swirling like oil in water as he's cackling. The lighting really adds to his texture, it doesn't look like just smooth paint, he looks like he'd have some roughness in his skin at parts and be viscous elsewhere. Fantastic job! Keep up the great work!

What a BEAUTIFUL piece! I love the volume and motion of her hair, the confident and inviting pose and I can't get over the colours you used. Very stylish and captivating. I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe this, it's a really, really nice piece!

Cheers and keep on creating! Cheers!

Greetings, I'm ShockDingo. I've been a voice actor for 13 years & been in several productions here & various indie games. If you need a voice for your project then I'm your man...a mechanical Dingo mask wearing man, but still a man of dependability!


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