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Brilliant job! Absolutely brilliant. The way that the SF3 theme flows into the SF2 animated theme is fantastic. I really dig this mix. Great job!

deliverance84 responds:

Massive thanks man :) Finally, someone recognises the animated movie part.

Very smooth! I'd love to hear something like this if Necro makes it into SF5. Keep up the good work!

Gorgeous work! Spinning Bird is my favorute Chun Li theme. You did it justice dude! It's a nice and fresh update to a classic. Keep up the good work!

deliverance84 responds:

ah man, thank god this song found you bro!! that game had an amazing ost, I know what you mean, such an awesome theme for chun-li. thanks for the review :)

I really like what I'm hearing with this! Fun lyrics, great voice and music! I'd like to hear more from you!

Just-here-to-watch responds:

Thank you very much :) I doubt there will be many more since I lost my access to making music. I don't know if I'll get back into it but I really appreciate your review ^^

The intensity is nutritious and hilarious! Love the addition of the sound fx man, that helped to sell the over the top nature of the clip. :)

Hey not bad, I do like the slower pace, it does give off an outro feeling for a series. I'd just make some parts a bit more powerful. I'm not good at music reviews heh, but nice job dude. I'd like to see you give this another shot :)

Brilliance in the realm of man-comfort

Dude, holy crap, this was hilarious. The voice of Throbulator fits so well, I can't really picture anyone else. The background comments really made this. Best of luck with this man, you made my day!

SirKillington responds:

Hey thanks! Good to here ya liked it :D

Brilliance through madness

That was hilarious. Great voices by GeneralIvan. The mixing was great; the sfx, music, and vocals nicely balanced things out. Absolutely freaking insane and hilarious, I look forward to more of this.

Legendary voice

Holy crap dude, beautiful range and execution. Dude, if you're not doing something with your voice professionally, you need to start now. Keep up the good work man, I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Unique, leaves positive impression

I rather enjoyed this piece. It was unique and really catchy. It's interesting how you composed this beautiful sounding piece with just a bunch of words and vocalizations. I had no complaints with this, the only thing that caught my attention was the minor staggering of sound at 38 seconds in. Keep up the good work. :)

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