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Brilliant job! Absolutely brilliant. The way that the SF3 theme flows into the SF2 animated theme is fantastic. I really dig this mix. Great job!

deliverance84 responds:

Massive thanks man :) Finally, someone recognises the animated movie part.

Gorgeous work! Spinning Bird is my favorute Chun Li theme. You did it justice dude! It's a nice and fresh update to a classic. Keep up the good work!

deliverance84 responds:

ah man, thank god this song found you bro!! that game had an amazing ost, I know what you mean, such an awesome theme for chun-li. thanks for the review :)

I really like what I'm hearing with this! Fun lyrics, great voice and music! I'd like to hear more from you!

Just-here-to-watch responds:

Thank you very much :) I doubt there will be many more since I lost my access to making music. I don't know if I'll get back into it but I really appreciate your review ^^

Brilliance in the realm of man-comfort

Dude, holy crap, this was hilarious. The voice of Throbulator fits so well, I can't really picture anyone else. The background comments really made this. Best of luck with this man, you made my day!

SirKillington responds:

Hey thanks! Good to here ya liked it :D

Cinematic and combative

This is another brilliant piece Gravey. OMGhaxedlol is right, it sounds like it would be at home in God of War, and that's great thing in my opinion. God of War has incredible music. Anyways, I love how driving this is, it's intense but not cluttered, the sound is very clear and powerful. It's pacing make me think of entering battle that progressively becomes more challenging due to the numbers of foes or even the very challenges increasing in difficulty. There's not much else for me to say other than brilliant piece, I look forward to more works like this.

All the best,

Gravey responds:

Thanks a lot. Yes, there have been quite a lot of people referencing God of War with this piece. It's quite an honor to have so many people put the two together like this. Makes me feel quite happy with how the piece has been received to say the least. :-)

Thanks for the review.


Brilliant and energetic

Wow, nice one dude. I liked the voices, the pacing, the mixing and the story. I'm a sucker for those "extreme" types of commercials. Both halves were equally well constructed; the background music, presentation and sound effects just made it really work. Keep up the good stuff man.

"That's a lotta ARRRGH!"

DruoxtheShredder responds:

You bet your two-legged land-lubbin' ass that's a lotta ARRRGHH!

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it and didn't say mean things that would make me get all defensive ;D

I hope you enter, It'd be fun to hear what you come up with!

Filled to the brim with hilarity and skill

This was a great piece man.

-The choice of music was really fitting and just helped to enhance the overall atmosphere.

-The variety of voices was fantastic, no two characters sounded a like and you pulls something from every angle; light voices, medium, deep and the ah-nuld voice. I really liked your Schwarzenegger voice, it sounded like him without sounding like the tired imitation.

-Plot: Hilarious spoof of the great ol' 80's action flicks. I'd love to see this turned into a flash man.

Overall a very strong effort once again man. I think you're a shoe-in for this contest yet again. I'd like to see more from you in regards to that villain voice and the Chris McClain voice. Good show sir, good show!

General-Ivan responds:

Yo Shock! Thanks for your review. It's great to get insight from my peers.

Also, yes I'd also like to do more with the villain voice (Which is based off Resident Evil 5's Wesker)

Nice piece,but minor issue

Pretty cool piece, but unfortunately, I had a little trouble hearing some of what you were saying at parts. I was able to make out a lot of it and found it enjoyable, the effect came pretty close to the original, the speech was pretty cool, "May Megatron blast America" hehe. One minor nit pick on my part was the end cuts off a little abruptly, it seems to start something else after "America" but gets cut off. Overall nice work man, keep at it.


Bezo responds:

Yeah, Soundwave works best in small bursts. Because of the techniques used to create the effect, it is sometimes is hard to understand unless I very heavily enunciate. Thanks for the review.

Strong energy brings forth a masterpiece

This is great, it really builds as it progresses. This reminds me of an introduction of a tv series or great game. When I listen to this exposition comes to my mind; I feel like we're being introduced to a world and various characters and all that they're about. Great work and congrats on being in the top 5, you earned it! :)

Best of luck with future pieces.

FairSquare responds:

Thanks for this review!
It's really appreciated ;-)

Nice job and quite amusing

Hi there,
I enjoyed this demo, it was nicely structured. Now here are a few things of note:
-Nice variety of voices and accent
- Nice variety of emotions
-The popping was a bit distracting
- A bit of music could have been fun, but not necessary

Overall I think this was a nice demo, a suggestion for the future is to try a quick demo that is less like a single sketch, but more like a collection of short scenes lasting only a few seconds long. Doing this would give people a nice taste of your range in a quick manner. Just a suggestion, best of luck with things man! :)

Dragamex responds:

Thanks for the tips! I was starting to make this a quick demo, but I liked the script I'd written too much to just drop it.

Probably will end up doing a Quick Voice Demo very soon

Greetings, I'm ShockDingo. I've been a voice actor for 13 years & been in several productions here & various indie games. If you need a voice for your project then I'm your man...a mechanical Dingo mask wearing man, but still a man of dependability!


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