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That is fantastic! I'm loving the angle, texture and exaggeration of his mouth. This is so well done and stylish! Nice!!!

Amazing work, I love how lanky and loose he is, also the detail on his clothes look like they're about to slip off his bones. So ominous, great job!

These are fantastic concepts and I wanna see an animated series of them! There's so much personality, uniqueness, and life in them. It really gives a snapshot of just who they are. I love the lipless modern Vergil, he's just so creepy, yet he carries an air of sophistication and arrogance with him. Therona is amazing, I'm loving the design, but also, seeing all the birds tend to her out-of-this-world hair is impressive.

Cheers and best of luck with things!

DatCakeIzEhPai responds:

Thank you so much! Glad to have you taking your time appreciating them. At the moment I'm updating their designs and improve the visuals on them and I really looking forward to sharing them soon. Stay awesome!

So shiny and ominous, I'm loving this. I cannot get over all the highlights and shading, this is truly a stunning piece. His pose and the simple background make for a great effect, the bg just makes him POP oh so much. Excellent work!

That's pretty badass. The blue-black dreads are cool and I'm liking the pose, she looks like she could be a boss in a game!

This is awesome dude, like Steffs said, I'm getting a classic Capcom and anime vibe. If Capcom made a 3rd D&D game, I could see Balthazar being a part of the cast. I love the line art and colourng, also the pose and expression is so telling.

Great stuff dude, cheers!

Really cool character designs dude, I'm liking the use of colours and stylization! They're all so varied!

That...is amazing and oh so terrifying! I love just how goopy you made him look. I picture everything constantly swirling like oil in water as he's cackling. The lighting really adds to his texture, it doesn't look like just smooth paint, he looks like he'd have some roughness in his skin at parts and be viscous elsewhere. Fantastic job! Keep up the great work!

What a BEAUTIFUL piece! I love the volume and motion of her hair, the confident and inviting pose and I can't get over the colours you used. Very stylish and captivating. I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe this, it's a really, really nice piece!

Cheers and keep on creating! Cheers!

Well she is just absolutely charming! I love the design and little details you gave her for her backstory! I really like the colours!

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