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Venom looks really good in your style! Excellent work!

Comick responds:

Thanks!! Yeah I was kinda shocked how much I enjoyed drawing venom haha

Love the colours and shades on this. Very fresh looking piece!

ArtistGamerGal responds:

thanks so much! expect to see her in an animation soon! ^_^

I love how you drew his eyebrows and well....eye. Very stylized and intense dude! Brilliant attention to detail! Now this is the face of a man becoming a demon.

Dude, that is stellar work! Loving the colours you used and I'm always a sucker for moonlit action scenes!

Great rendition of one of my favorite Metal Slug characters! I love the highlights in this piece and the arc of the bullets. Very dynamic!

I really like this! What's appealing is it's not so much sinister and creepy, but rather startling at a first glance and then it goe into unexpected and "different". I love the colours and detail you used, it makes the girl and deer at an initial glance seem spooky and off putting, but the longer you look at them, they seem to be otherworldly, but just doing their own thing (though the blood on the shirt raises questions! Hah). I guess what I'm saying in a nutshell is that I got a "just because they're not softly coloured and cuddly it doesn't automatically they're evil" vibe.

Not sure if I'm making sense, but I just have to commend you on this excellent piece!

Dear God, that chin is magnificent! Always great to see your art man!

Luigi will cut you and dump your body down a pipe if you mess with him....they'll NEVER find you!

That is rather striking! I'd love for that to be in the actual series! Also gotta love all the purple and shading- beautiful textures!

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thankyou! :3
Yeah I had a lot of fun with this one. c:
Glad you like it!

I love you forever for drawin' me! Err *cough* Sir SterlingSwift. I really love this piece though, the colours and composition is just beautiful. I love the slight bend of Swift's posture, it has a bit of elegance and arrogance that's befitting of his character. The Sniper is sleek, angular, and magnificently creepy. The highlights really do an awesome job on texturing his suit as well as his skin. Finally, the Sunburst behind them, coupled with the logo reminds me of classic cartoon title cards and commercial bumpers. I have a soft spot for those, so this really impressed me.

Sorry for the super long review-ramble, just enjoyed this immensely! :)

Keep up the good work!


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