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Arbok + Fearow = Arbrow Arbok + Fearow = Arbrow

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That is rather striking! I'd love for that to be in the actual series! Also gotta love all the purple and shading- beautiful textures!

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thankyou! :3
Yeah I had a lot of fun with this one. c:
Glad you like it!

Mindchamber Mindchamber

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A gorgeous and touching piece

I commend you on this wonderful work dude. I have no idea how long it took you to make this, but there's just so much quality and attention to detail; it's all amazing! The personality comes out nicely through the body language; The design of the robot is dramatic,vibrant, intense and intimidating, but the little gesture of support in holding the child's hand shows another side to it. It takes real skill to communicate that to the audience. Keep up the amazing work man.


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MindChamber responds:

thanks man

: Contest Entry : : Contest Entry :

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Hilarious, simple, well constructed= Excellent

It's a great idea by far. It's so brilliantly simple, but it could work to great effect; in the show Girl-chan is fan service, mindless, and a cameo, but Woman san could be constantly appearing alongside the cast mates as a main character, actually have a brain (and a striking and alluring personality).

I have to say I love the character design;
-the coloring is beautiful (all the little natural blushes on the skin, highlights, and overall use of shading won me over).

-Expression; I'm a sucker for eyes, I love not only the colour of her eyes, but the shape as well. She's got a mix of playfulness, aggressiveness, and a bit of mischief in there. It all works to great effect. She really comes off as a woman while making Girl-chan look even more girlish. (If that makes any sense)

Keep up the great work man. I shall subscribe to your art from here on out.

All the best to you

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Kero-the-boy-killer responds:

Well, damn this was the most well constructed comment i have ever received here on newgrounds XD <3 Thank you so much!~ <3 I highly appreciate your kind words.

Super Breaking Bad 2 Turbo Super Breaking Bad 2 Turbo

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Press Start

Dude, amazing piece. Crap man, I never knew you could do sprite work; I'd definitely like to see you dabble more in this field.

On to the review;
This perfectly captures the modern 2d fighter. The overall HUD display looks Capcom based, and nicely customized to fit with the show; the watch for the timer, the super meter based on flasks? Beakers? (Hell if I know, I was always terrible in science heh) and finally the movelist at the bottom is the icing on the cake. Everything is very fresh and vibrant. Even if someone doesn't watch the show, they can jump in and appreciate the zaniness of this. Keep up the good work man, as always, looking forward to your next piece.

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks dude

pixel art is actually pretty fun to do, I'll probably do more soon.

Garage Fighting 2010 Garage Fighting 2010

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Awesome work

Great work yet again man. One thing I always love about your work is how expressive it is; your fighting game/hero/warrior characters always have greatly detailed musculature, dynamic poses and appropriate expressions. This is no different; the composition is great and each character has flair. Despite having all the characters uniformly grouped, you avoided "boring-ass, class picture syndrome"; everyone feels like who they're supposed to be and you conveyed that in a limited space with great success. So in short (and to end my excessively long reviews) this is a great piece that has intense looking characters with a nice balance of comedy. Keep up the good work man!

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JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks dude ;3