Huzzza! New Releases!

2015-02-14 15:25:19 by Shock-Dingo

Hey everyone! February's got several new offerings!

First up is the newest entry in HadoukenDude's 4 Swords Misadventure series! Stop by, collect some medals and hear me as the cranky and the impossible-to-understand Oshus!

Need a pickme up after that adventure full of questing? Grab a glass, pour some Tequila and bash in some Zombie skulls in IriySoft's Tequila Zombies 3! I'm Jeff, the charming President of Los Lobos MC!

Waking up after a bender from blazing brutal Zombie Bashing? Well matey, you may need to slowly build yourself up and build up your knowledge with FlashChaz and Danish Goel's latest game, Age of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls!

Have fun folks!


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2015-02-17 12:32:13

hiya. Still interested in portraying that cranky old man? ;)

I sent you the latest script.