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Greetings, I'm ShockDingo. I've been a voice actor for 13 years & been in several productions here & various indie games. If you need a voice for your project then I'm your man...a mechanical Dingo mask wearing man, but still a man of dependability!


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Shock-Dingo's News

Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 14th, 2014

Hey guys, I've started a bit of a reflection series on my Tumblr page. I call it Electrifying Entries (zounds... I cannot stay away from Electricity themes can I?)

Since Once Upon a Life just came out, I started my first entry with a reflection on the game.

I don't have a set schedule on when I'll be updating these, but they'll be rather frequent and give some more insight on why I made the acting choices I did.  If that type of thing interests you, head on over! :)

Until next time!

Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 6th, 2014

Hey everyone, how's it going?

It's only a few days into February, but I've got a bit of news to share.

FlashChaz has released a new game: Once Upon a Life. A fun journey inwhich you accompany an old fellow who's on one last adventure in the twlight of his years. Take Harry and his Rocket Powered Walker and blast through the craziness to reclaim something dear to his heart. You can hear me as all the voices in the game, I hope you all enjoy!

Up next, I just recently released my 2014 Character Voice demo. I have to give a ton of thanks to D-Mac and Antfish for their guidance on the assembly and production of this. I think it paid off don't you think? I feel this particular demo better showcases my range and is better organized in comparison to my past efforts.


Take care everyone and see you later!  

Posted by Shock-Dingo - January 12th, 2014

Hey guys!

I recently worked with Danish Goel and provided vocie work on a Spartan themed physics game called Spanthera! It just got released. You'll join Leonidas as he tries to quell the invading forces of Slithrix by wielding your holy spear Vibrissa! Save your people, bring down the invaders!  It's fully voiced, has a stirring soundtrack, challenging puzzles and great cutscenes! Take up your spear and check it out now!

Posted by Shock-Dingo - January 3rd, 2014

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had great holidays and are doing well. Man, I'm always caught off guard by how fast the year moves, but 2013 was more than a bit crazy.

End of the year releases:

Up first is the latest episode of HadoukenDude's 4 Sword Misadventures. Currently it's on youtube and the NG release with bonus content will be along at a later time.

Four Sword Misadventures ep 9:  The Hyrule Fantasty II


Next is a send up of a meme I'm sure you all are familiar with. This is my first time working with Aviticus Dragon, and I had a blast. It's pretty short, so give it a looksee if you'd like.

Over 9,000 (A Skyrim short)


The last release was my main release for 2013 on my youtube page. I was really proud of it. First, a bit of a background on it. Growing up, I really loved the title cards and commercial bumpers that were part of 80's and early 90s cartoons. I felt they gave a certain aesthetic quality to the whole thing. With Marvel now expanding its properties, I frequently wondered what a Marvel-only channel would be like, and thus I married the two ideas to make a reel of commercial bumpers for fake Marvel shows like  X-men Legends, The Amazing Spider-man, The Hulk and The Avengers. I released it back in October, but figured I'd spread the news once again. It's a bit long at 6 minutes, but that's mostly due to some bonus content at the end of the video that I hope you'll all enjoy!

Marvel Minimalist concept Reel 1


Reflection on 2013

Overall, 2013 was a mixed bag for me. On the plus side, I made contact with some great new pals and had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects (some have been released and the others will be out soon), but on the negative side, I did not meet many goals I set, stalled out on my personal projects and my personal life kind of crapped out.

Plans for 2014

I'm not going to let my setbacks get me down, I'm going to get back on the horse and try to do more this year. I'm hoping to:

- Release more videos- Not sure if you're aware, but I have two youtube channels (a primary one for big releases and a secondary one for tests and hopefully original content) I've had several videos planned and in production, but I got sidelined and only released one major project.

-Reconnect with Newgrounds- I used to be a lot more active on here in years past- working with different flash creators and writing up reviews for games and flash toons. I'd like to do more here than just be a voice actor.

-Get out there and better my skills- I'm very happy for my peers and have seen them blossom beautifully throughout the years. I feel that I have hit a slump in terms of my own growth, I'd like to challenge myself more, take on meatier roles and get out there! I sometimes only land a gig once every couple of months and I know I really need to step it up. I'm usually happy with my performances, but at times in reviewing them I feel that I could have been a bit more authentic or hit harder with emotional depth.

-Create more art- I'm a so-so artist, but I love to dabble. I've been learning Adobe Illustrator for a bit and am feeling a lot more adventurous. I've only ever posted three pieces on my page and those were for the old Girlchan contest by Egoraptor in yearspast and a reference to my old entry for a NG VA contest. I'd like to put up my doodles and such up here, get some feedback, and maybe grow as an artist? I dunno, I open to the idea! :)


Well, this is getting a bit long. I don't think I've ever blogged this much on NG, but I think I may do it more in the future and talk about more than just releases.

Thanks for reading everyone, take care and all the best!



Posted by Shock-Dingo - October 2nd, 2013

Hey everyone,

How's it going? I just wanted to give a heads up that two games by the ever awesome Chaz have been released.

The first up was from a few weeks ago. (sorry for the delay in spreading the word) It's called Once Upon a Life. A really fun game that made me also reflect on life, mortality and my past experiences. I play Harry, a spritely old man with rocket powered walking sticks on a quest to have one last adventure and reclaim memories from a scrapbook. Check this out, it's a unique experience! Available now on miniclip, but coming soon to Newgrounds!

Next up is AGE of WONDER! Travel with Chaz and I back to Ptolemaic Egypt! Meet Eratosthenes, a wisened old scholar who's on a quest to spread knowledge! By hurling scrolls at folks and obstacles! The scrolls are limited, so be sure to use them sparingly and wisely, or else chaos may erupt! Art by Chaz, programming by danishgoel and lastly, you can hear me hamming it up on voice acting duties. :)

Posted by Shock-Dingo - February 20th, 2013

Hey guys, the newest episode of ET Excursion is now out! If you haven`t seen it yet, be sure to take a look! RicePirate and I are featured in this episode as are the excellent musical stylings of Gravey! It`s a fun episode and a great jumping on point for new viewers!

Go on, check it out! Tell 'em Shock sent ya!

Posted by Shock-Dingo - January 1st, 2013

First of all, happy new year New Grounds! Hope everyone's doing well and had a fun night.

Second of all, I wanted to share with you all a few new projects that have been released within the last couple of days.

First up is "The Dark Knight Rises: Alternate ending" by Nicholas Deary. It features me doing a Balevoice Batman and Bane and asks the question of what would happen if Bane wasn't so attentive and got a bit lost in his cryptic speeches.

Next up is another Batman video (huh, that's gotta be a coincidence)
TerminalMontage has released another installment of Zubatman, this time spoofing ElCid's amazing Batman eats a hotdog and then evolving into something....much more unique.

MiddleFingerRings has just released another hyper-violent and exciting episode of Prosnorkulus! It features the great talents of:


And then there's me who gets to do something rather odd; I have a conversation with myself, get into a battle which is going fine.....until I ride in on a horse and kill myself...hah.

Well that's it so far really. I hope you all enjoy these releases and the hard work their authors put into drawing and animating.

Until next time guys, take care!


Posted by Shock-Dingo - August 21st, 2012

Hey Newgrounds! How's it going? Played Dust yet? It's a pretty sweet MetroidVania type hack and slasher with tons of love and effort put into it all. It stars many great and recognizable Newgrounds voice actors such as:

Lucien as the lead hero; Dust
Hnilmik as the everfaithful companion; Fidget
RicePirate as Elder Gray-Eyes
Omahdon as Fuse
Rina-Chan as MaMop
TomaMoto as Baron Kane
Darkwolf as the awesome sentient mythical sword; Arah

and many many more (you can even run into lil' ol me at one point). The cast is full of many great VAs. All of our performances were Super Effective due to D-Mac-Double kicking things up to an amazing level. He really got us to go in different directions and challenged us to really put work into this project. He and DarkWolf helped bring a ton of life to this project, and my hat goes off to them.

These recent weeks have also seen the release of some gems.

Street Fighter: Fight or....Fetish?
Created by Hadoukendude, the creator of the enjoyable SF II The Satire Edition and the 4 Sword Misadventures Series made this. It was originally supposed to be part of the Satire edition, but was cut. This....is probably the inevitable conclusion to the Ryu and Sakura relationship and probably explains why Ryu is missing in Street Fighter 5- oop, spoilers! Anyways, in this one, I reprise my role as Ryu and TaroMaster4 reprises his role as Ken.

Created by TerminalMontage, this is a fantastic recreation of a certain popular 90s cartoon intro...with a Twist. Worth a look. Seriously, this is some real fine work.

/* */
Well, that's it for me! Until next time guys n' gals.

Have a nice day.


Posted by Shock-Dingo - May 24th, 2012

Hey guys! Not sure anyone reads these but I felt I should finally post something; I haven't posted much of anything well before the redesign.

This has been a pretty good week so far; first of all, Steinberg released the awesome "Dinosaur Animation" this week; features his art and script and my vocals for the two dinosaurs. It's a humorous 6 minute tale of two friends and a few misadventures. Much thanks to Steinberg for choosing me to be a part of that flash! His direction and script gave me a lot to work with. I'm rather happy with how it turned out

Second is War of the Shyguys by Eastbeast. It's a sprite tale of adventure in the skies! I know some people are polarized when it comes to sprite flashes, but I recommend giving it a shot. It's got a great deal of heart put into the animation as well as the presentation. This isn't a simple cut and past job, but an actual flick. Again, I was honored to be chosen to be part of an awesome cast. In this flick I voice Goombario.

One thing that I really was happy about in these two flashes was I got a chance to utilize a higher vocal registry. Usually I'm picked for the deep voiced henchman, maniacal villain, or the windback old wizard or narrator. So this chance to voice higher voiced and even younger characters was a real treat. Even though there was some post production adjustment on my voice for Goombario (was to get that right tone) I still feel a bit more comfortable trying out for the lighter/younger voices.

Oh and this has been out for a while, but I did a Mic-Spam clip (stole the term from a pal heh) of Eddie Brock in the style of some fancy Capcom "extra mode" for the fictional, "Marvel Super Heroes 2: Darkness Falls" game. It's worth a shot if you're bored. I based Brock/ Venom's voice on Hank Azaria's version from the 90s Spider-man toon.

Huh, this is a long one. I don't usually write in these, but I hope my next update is entertaining heh. By next entry, I hope to have some more roles come out and hopefully a new and better quality demo.

All the best and take care!


Posted by Shock-Dingo - September 20th, 2011

Greetings guys and girls. Today is a rather awesome day. The latest episode of R1665's popular flash series VG Exiles has been released! All the wait is over for a rather exciting romp. It features the excellent talents of R1665 and CE-Rap, Antfish, Rina-Chan, Hnilmik, DarkWolf, dragonknighttara, Ebonyte and Tomamoto.

It's a great combo of insane sprite choreography, excellent art direction and great audio to make it all something unique.

I feel honored to have been in a feature with all these talented folks. It was fun and I look forward to whatever the future brings. Anyways, I'll stop blabbing and post the link:

VG Exiles- Episode 3: Shadowlawless

Until next time reader, take care.