"What ever happened to that Shock Dingo guy?"

2014-10-07 00:29:15 by Shock-Dingo

Heya folks,

How's it going? Still alive, just haven't been active on Newgrounds as of late. I've been keeping busy and having adventures in voice acting across the net (and even on some iOS devices).

I recently updated my website, which should cover all the main goings and comings and activities inside and outside of newgrounds. You can find the link here:


I also recently reteamed with SkyGoblin gamesĀ  to work on chapter 2 of The Journey Down. It's available now on Steam and various devices!

I'll catch you all later! Enjoy the October festivities!


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2014-10-11 05:24:41

Hey, that's a good news! Glad that you are still here.
Keep up a great work!

Shock-Dingo responds:

Thanks man!