Once Upon A Demo in My Life..wait, what?

2014-02-06 22:22:12 by Shock-Dingo

Hey everyone, how's it going?

It's only a few days into February, but I've got a bit of news to share.

FlashChaz has released a new game: Once Upon a Life. A fun journey inwhich you accompany an old fellow who's on one last adventure in the twlight of his years. Take Harry and his Rocket Powered Walker and blast through the craziness to reclaim something dear to his heart. You can hear me as all the voices in the game, I hope you all enjoy!

Up next, I just recently released my 2014 Character Voice demo. I have to give a ton of thanks to D-Mac and Antfish for their guidance on the assembly and production of this. I think it paid off don't you think? I feel this particular demo better showcases my range and is better organized in comparison to my past efforts.


Take care everyone and see you later!  


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2014-02-09 16:27:59

Your diversity is just staggering...great new demo reel!

Shock-Dingo responds:

Thanks Chaz, glad you like the new reel! :)


2014-02-09 22:28:17

Your voice overs are so awesome!

Shock-Dingo responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate it! How are you doing these days anyways? :)