New Year, new releases!

2013-01-01 23:09:07 by Shock-Dingo

First of all, happy new year New Grounds! Hope everyone's doing well and had a fun night.

Second of all, I wanted to share with you all a few new projects that have been released within the last couple of days.

First up is "The Dark Knight Rises: Alternate ending" by Nicholas Deary. It features me doing a Balevoice Batman and Bane and asks the question of what would happen if Bane wasn't so attentive and got a bit lost in his cryptic speeches.

Next up is another Batman video (huh, that's gotta be a coincidence)
TerminalMontage has released another installment of Zubatman, this time spoofing ElCid's amazing Batman eats a hotdog and then evolving into something....much more unique.

MiddleFingerRings has just released another hyper-violent and exciting episode of Prosnorkulus! It features the great talents of:


And then there's me who gets to do something rather odd; I have a conversation with myself, get into a battle which is going fine.....until I ride in on a horse and kill myself...hah.

Well that's it so far really. I hope you all enjoy these releases and the hard work their authors put into drawing and animating.

Until next time guys, take care!



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