August Updates (yay)

2012-08-21 13:24:06 by Shock-Dingo

Hey Newgrounds! How's it going? Played Dust yet? It's a pretty sweet MetroidVania type hack and slasher with tons of love and effort put into it all. It stars many great and recognizable Newgrounds voice actors such as:

Lucien as the lead hero; Dust
Hnilmik as the everfaithful companion; Fidget
RicePirate as Elder Gray-Eyes
Omahdon as Fuse
Rina-Chan as MaMop
TomaMoto as Baron Kane
Darkwolf as the awesome sentient mythical sword; Arah

and many many more (you can even run into lil' ol me at one point). The cast is full of many great VAs. All of our performances were Super Effective due to D-Mac-Double kicking things up to an amazing level. He really got us to go in different directions and challenged us to really put work into this project. He and DarkWolf helped bring a ton of life to this project, and my hat goes off to them.

These recent weeks have also seen the release of some gems.

Street Fighter: Fight or....Fetish?
Created by Hadoukendude, the creator of the enjoyable SF II The Satire Edition and the 4 Sword Misadventures Series made this. It was originally supposed to be part of the Satire edition, but was cut. probably the inevitable conclusion to the Ryu and Sakura relationship and probably explains why Ryu is missing in Street Fighter 5- oop, spoilers! Anyways, in this one, I reprise my role as Ryu and TaroMaster4 reprises his role as Ken.

Created by TerminalMontage, this is a fantastic recreation of a certain popular 90s cartoon intro...with a Twist. Worth a look. Seriously, this is some real fine work.

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Well, that's it for me! Until next time guys n' gals.

Have a nice day.



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