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Captain Ig'nant Captain Ig'nant

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hilarious and thought provoking satire

I really really hope that people do get the point of this. Initially when I saw this title advertised at the bottom of NG in the "today's best" column I was a bit nervous that this was going to be something offensive, but after reading your description I was really interested to see what you put together.

The animation was really fluid and I enjoyed the exaggerated style and expressions. The colouring and shading made things look rather lively, but I really loved how you visualized his powers.

The message behind this was really important to tell. I'm also black ( a canuck whose spent a huge chunk of time in the US as well as Canada) , and can relate to this toon. The scene featuring the white friend panicking about the red-shirted black guy "doing well in school and talking 'white'" is a portion of my life in a nutshell. I've been told to my face that I "act white" "talk white" and even "dress white" (yea, I'm lost on that too.)

And don't even get me started on ages ago in middle school when some (not all, just couple) white kids would try to talk street to me and randomly throw up gang signs in my presence. I think I heard "west siiiiIIIIiiiiide" a couple 100 times. Ugh. Stupid 90s...

I'm a sorta dorky looking comic book geek who listens to ska, electronica, videogame music, country, old school rap, orchestral and cinematic soundtracks and pretty much anything I come along, but to others, this has been a sign of me "not being 'true' to myself." If I've got to fit under some stereotyped vision to belong, how is that being true to myself? I go against the grain not to rebel, that's just simply who and what I am.

Anyways, enough about me, I just wanted to applaud you on tackling a very real problem in our society today through humour. If we're not challenging stereotypes and being afraid to be who we are, we're stagnating as a people.

Thank you and I hope you got an excellent grade and review from your teachers.

I'll be checking out all your other stuff now.

All the best,

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Chakra-X responds:

Thank you very much for your review. I tried to cover a large spectrum of black issues, not just inner city issues because it goes beyond that. I grew up in the suburbs and to this day most of my iPod is video game soundtracks, rock, classical, and pop songs, and in high school. Because of this, I would have friends who joked that I dressed white or did not have enough hip hop music taste, and I am also very light skinned so I still get a bit of "he's not that black". I have seen kids with perfectly normal parents turn out hood because they feel like they must adapt themselves to be a "real black man/girl", and if you have a lot of black kids from the city who act a certain way, that will be the dominate social group of the black kids in a school and others will gravitate to their mannerisms.

I know the content is very over the top but I find that funny and I like that style because it grabs attention and attacks the issue head on while (HOPEFULLY) being funny, so I really enjoyed your review.

MvC3: Dante MvC3: Dante

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stellar fun

This was absolutely hilarious and I really enjoyed it.

-The art style was phenomenal; everything looked just like the characters, the colours, animation smoothness, and shading were all of high quality.

-Voices and plot: All very fitting and high performance. I liked what you did with Morrigan; she's fun loving and bored with her royal duties, so she wants to seek interesting fighters, so it sort of makes sense that she's a flighty party girl type in this.

I liked that you used a variety of characters in this rather than just one or two. The last bit with Ryu and his special guest were hilarious. This was just fantastically put together, I'd honestly love to see more little shorts from you and your team, you guys have a lot of leeway with all the characters.

Keep up the good work!

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Folding Cranes Folding Cranes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thinking outside the box=brilliance

You are right in that this is pretty abstract, but that in NO WAY is a bad thing. This was amazing and unexpected. I mean I haven't thought of anyone making a flash based upon origami, but you made it artistic as well as a flex of your creative muscle.

The animation is so smooth that it is staggering, the presentation also is pretty unique. I love the gradual zooming out of the staggered process of folding. The soundtrack isn't what I'd normally listen to, but it adds so much to the whole process.

I'm at a loss for words on what to say, but brilliant job, and bravo for having the courage to think radically outside the box. I think you'll be rewarded for that in the long run dude.

Keep up the good work! All the best to you.

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TheBoogley responds:

thanks mate, I strongly believe in trying to create something that hasn't been seen before and it's great to know that there are people out there who think the same way. :)

The Internet You Need The Internet You Need

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Funny and poignant!

Amazing work dude. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I'm going to outline why below:

-Great presentation; this reminded me of those classic 50s era PSAs and shorts that Ren and Stimpy mocked often.

-Great art: the style was visually appealing to me as was the animation style and smoothness. Each of the family members were drawn in a visually appealing and distinct way; each held true character. I don't mean to sound weird, but I also like how you didn't simply paint the characters brown, but you gave the family distinct ethnic features. A very nice touch as an artist; great attention to detail man. :)

-Great narration and music; the narrator did his job, and clearly got the point across. He succeeded in that "friendly narrator that somehow knows your past, present and future and talks to you on a first name basis" feel.

- Overall point: Great way of raising awareness to something that can and will affect us all. You wrapped it up into a funny and easy to understand package.

Keep up the great work man! I wish you the best with all future works!

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Dot Dot Dot - Animated Dot Dot Dot - Animated

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Glorious depiction of a glorious review

Dude, I have to hand it to you, this defied my expectations. I thought that this animation would be of a dude hunched over his computer angrily typing as a narration came about. Just by going with animated text you went with pure innovation. Also the extra touches, interludes and extra info you placed in the segments were cool. It was all approached with loving detail and outside-the-box- thinking. Bravo to you sir. Bravo. :)

Keep up the good work man. I hope to see more work from you in the future!

Take care

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RicePirate responds:

There's inspiration everywhere on Newgrounds. Literally. Even in the reviews we get. You sir, have a very inspiring voice :)

Ryu: Then and Now Ryu: Then and Now

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Strong start, would like to see more

Awesome (pun not intended) stuff as usual dude. I saw and commented on your youtube page previously but I figured I'd go into more detail here. I found this a funny concept and feel that you could expand this into a series of shorts in a manner dealing with the current state of SF-ers or even hilarious what-if scenarios. You've got a lot of energy and leeway with this, I'm sure you could make it work.

As always, the animation art and colours were great.

My only issue for this is, while I know it's a short, I felt that there could have been a bit more energy in this towards the end. Not "turn it up to 11 levels" like in your usual stuff, but just a bit more energy in his disappointment and content. Also, I feel the end was a bit abrupt.

All in all, a great short that I would love to see more of. Keep up the good work man. All the best to you.

Egoraptor responds:

thanks dude, I'd like to do more SF shorts to be honest, but that idea has kinda already been done by college humor haha

Deadly Space Action #3 Deadly Space Action #3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quirky fun

Really nice work you've crafted. The animation was quite smooth and the art was really well done; it reminded me of something I'd see on TV. I rather enjoyed the presentation; from the intro to the opening panning and location listing, it all felt well put together. Pretty funny stuff in the actual episode content. Overall I couldn't really think of any complaints, other than it was a little short, but, extending the length may have thrown off the pacing.

Nice work, I look forward to the next episode! Keep up the good work!

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Dance of the Manwhore Dance of the Manwhore

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Continued brilliance and improvement

Dude, as always awesome stuff, but the thing that's great is you never get complacent.

-First of all, this is a rather catchy tune
-Great visuals, you always are improvement. The smoothness of the animation is grand, the colours and shading is brilliant. I adore that shot of Fernando on the horse in the lightning storm. It looks just so dynamic. Also, awesome perspectives man.

All in all a humourous and awesome production. Keep up the good work man.

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks v much!

the godzilla bros ep 1 the godzilla bros ep 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

There is potential, but reworking is needed

Greetings, I enjoyed a bit of this, but overall it needs some fixing. The drawings of the characters and their motions were pretty nice, but in comparison, the backgrounds are quite bland. Adding a little bit of detail to the scenery can dramatically transform a scene. The sound effects need work, some were too loud, and of a low crackling quality. Try looking for some sounds from a game, or if you can find a Godzilla movie online (or if you have a dvd) just set it to play and use the program Audacity to record. (You can use the WAVE mix setting to rip sounds, though on different computers it's called something else, be sure to look into it. It'll help you man)

The pacing was quite slow; there was a large delay between dialogue and actions. Speeding things up would make the jokes flow better and they'll hit bigger with the audience.

What I would recommend is a letter box for all the character translations at the bottom of the screen. Take a look around NG for how other flashes handle subtitles. Keeping them in one spot keeps things organized and tidy.

You could also add some things to the title screens for future episodes. Maybe a short intro of the monsters doing things here and there with some music and a title card for each episode. It's a little something that will go a long way.

Don't get discouraged. Keep trying and you'll do great man. You've got the advantage of choosing a recognizable character who DOESN'T have too many flashes about him, so you can afford to do a lot with your series without people getting tired of something. People aren't going to react as if this is another Halo or Sonic or Mario movie. Embrace the freedom this idea gives you and rock on man.

Best of luck.

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Africa Dudes Africa Dudes

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A certainly unique experience; was fun!

This was rather strange and interesting, but I'm glad I saw it. I initially feared that this was going to be some sort of troll flash with heaping bits of racism in it, but I'm glad to see I was wrong; I watched the whole thing and didn't find anything terribly offensive. I'm of West African descent and overall found this to be an amusing collaborative experiment rather than an exercise in offense. I did laugh at certain parts aloud due to banter between the crazy stock character and the "straightman"

The thing that got me was the art. You all clearly had fun with this, but didn't get lazy. I liked the amount of detail you put into all the characters, but especially the masks. Those were what brought the characters to life for me. I like unique character designs, and each of the characters had little quirks to keep things familiar but still individualized at the end of the day. The presentation was also quite lovely. I liked the credits sequence, nice touch.

The voices all were great. The quality of the mics were clear; no puffs, clicks or anything off putting. They fit with what you wanted for the characters and overall did their job.

The animation overall was a somewhat weak portion, but I'm sure that was all part of the joke, just like the ludicrous length. I know things were supposed to be stilted and fairly similar throughout the whole thing, but a few changes would have been nice. I liked how Johnny Utah added a few different perspectives after some time, The Swain had his characters move about slightly more as the stories went on, and Romeo Jr. had some fun with the character's faces at times. Oh and I forgot to say I enjoyed the manic nature of the guy on the right in Chluaid's parts.

Overall, I think I'm going on too long (sorry, force of habit with my reviews) but this was rather interesting and bizarre in a good way. Glad to see you all had fun with this. I look forward to the next big collab whenever that is.

Best of luck with things guys! :)


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