Welcome Back, Frank! + Minor updates on voice acting

2010-06-13 12:25:41 by Shock-Dingo

Greetings readers, I recently got a Samson C01U Mic and decided to start experimenting with it. I recently made an audio narration of Garth Ennis' Welcome Back, Frank--the story the deals with ol' Frank's return to the world of the living. You can check that out over here!

Since I have a new mic I shall be auditioning for more projects around here. Now, most of you may not know who I am, I've been around here for a bit, but am slowly working my way up. I've provided voices for the amazing VG EXILES ep2 (As Charlie) , RedHarvest's Madness: Genesis, The Charlie Brown Murders (as the Doctor), Various voices for the Game Trailer Collab, The amazing Lady Noir Collab,Visor in Tankmen: Dual Part 1 and Tankmen: Dual part 2

Anyways, enough of my self promotion, I hopefully will see you guys around NG.

Take care and all the best guys!


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