Tankmen: Dual AKA- When Sarge Is Mad Mountains of corpses shall pile at her feet

2010-05-01 12:58:35 by Shock-Dingo

Greetings from ol' Shockdingo everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your Pico Day and weekend so far. I just wanted to let people know that Tankmen: Dual by Jonathan Wrathborne is out and it's amazing! It's got humor, a coherent story, slick animation and amazing fight choreography!

I was glad to be a part of an amazing project; in this I play Visor, the foul, moody, scratchy voiced member of the Tankmen. But, enough of that, you're not watching the flash for my voice, you're watching for the great quality of the product produced by Jonathan. I'm sure you'll love it!

Tankmen: Dual part 1
Tankmen: Dual part 2

Well, that's all for now guys, until next time. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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