Entry #1

Finally making some progress. Huzzah!

2009-02-21 16:26:36 by Shock-Dingo

I've been around Newgrounds for years, but I never voiced in many things here thus I'm sure most people have no idea who I am. Most of my voice work was distributed elsewhere on the vastness of the internet...or something poetic like that heh. Recently I was just killing time on NG and saw that there was a Street Fighter collab and it was picking up some steam. Loving Capcom properties for years, I naturally became eager to become a part of this in some form. (Since I'm not a flash artist, but a voice actor). I saw that a few artists were in need of voices and decided to try out. I'm currently now lending my voice to these great guys, Master-Samus, Dylawrence , and I-smel. From what I've seen so far of their work and others, it looks like this will be another fun collab. I hope that this gets me a bit of exposure so that I'll get to work on some great projects in the future. :)


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2009-03-03 19:26:30

you rock. and so does your voice acting. keep it awesome dude!


2009-06-05 08:42:47

If you read this, then you will be able to read the new news on my page >:c