Jabberwocky Drama Voice
Alone - Edgar Allen Poe Drama Voice
One Fine Day Spoken Word Voice

2015 Submissions

Onslaught- Kaotica test Voice Demo Voice

2014 Submissions

DJ Dixon 2014 Chracter Reel Voice Demo Voice
The Worst Burrito Ever! Comedy Voice
MicSpam1-Eddie Brock MSH2 Voice Demo Voice
Shockdingo 2011 character demo Voice Demo Song
NGF11- NG Elite Voice Demo Song
Mighty Marvel Moments-Deadpool Voice Demo Loop
Castlevania: Dracula mono Voice Demo Voice
Va Contest 6 Shockdingo W Comedy Voice
Carnage: Mind Bomb Voice Demo Song
Commercial demo test Voice Demo Song
The Growing Madness Voice Demo Song
Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Voice Demo Loop
The True Face of a Pirate Voice Demo Loop
VA Competition- Shockdingo Voice Demo Song
Early 2008 Demo Voice Demo Loop
Shockdingo's 2008 Demo Voice Demo Song